About Me

I have years of experience scaling education companies – with a proven skillset to grow revenue and profit.

I was previously CEO and co-owner of a global private education company. I was a key driver of scaling that education company to $75M in revenue (40% profit margin) in 5 years.

Here are are just a small selection of my proven results:

  • CEO and pivotal driver of growing global online education business from 0 to $75m in 5 years (at 40% net profit).
  • Drove acquisition of 15,000 paying students from 47 countries (incl 1000 high-end coaching program students).
  • $2.5b in eCommerce sales by students (verified).
  • Produced a truly world-class online course, with over 250 videos produced at TV-quality, hosted on a fully bespoke Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Designed and executed a high-end coaching program with diversified coaches which scaled successfully and easefully to 1,000 high-end clients.
  • Sent over 100 million marketing and content emails.
  • Played a pivotal role in recruiting and training 50+ A-level team in 6 continents across marketing, sales, videography, photography, copywriting, event director, customer success, JV/affiliate partner and C-suite roles.
  • Oversaw $10m+ in paid social adverts reaching 16m+ people globally.
  • Planned and executed numerous multi-million dollar in-person & live-streamed business events eg $2m budget resulting in $2m ticket sales (2500pax) + $5m info product sales in 3 days.

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